Tantum Stream Overlay

The optimal solution to ensure the protection of minors!

Tantum Stream Overlay

With the help of Tantum and the associated stream overlay, streamers can ensure child protection. The viewer must verify themselves via the TantumPay app and can then unlock the content by scanning a QR code. This means that the age of the viewer can be ensured in a KJM-compliant manner each time it is accessed.

Can be integrated in just a few minutes, the Tantum Stream Overlay not only offers absolute legal security, but also enables further long-term advantages in terms of customer loyalty, increased sales and reduced costs.

The solution – TantumIdent

Tantum's advanced identity verification engine is fully compliant with the German and EU/EEA legal framework. Officially and securely rated as a “complete solution” by the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM), TantumIdent offers user-friendly age verification with simple 1-click authentication towards providers.

Just three steps to content

  • Verify once

  • Scan QR code and confirm age

  • Unlock content

User friendly

User-friendly identification without personal interaction. No video calls, no annoying conversations, completely automated.


Age verification in just a few seconds.
Available anywhere, 24/7.

Once verified = always verified

After a one-time identity check, the user is verified and can confirm their age for each new access with a simple QR code scan.

TantumPay for streamers

Increased sales

By minimizing payment barriers, we increase your sales!

  • Pay without leaving the site; no checkout process

  • Subscription management, notifications and renewals directly in the app

  • Scan the QR code and pay with 1-click

  • Focus on donations and subscription management

Tailored for streaming

  • Optimized fee model
  • Microtransactions
  • Flexible pricing structure
  • In-stream payments
  • Set your preferred payment amounts and embed your QR code directly into the screen

Together with the already integrated age verification via TantumIdent, TantumPay forms an optimal synergy to create greater conversion of viewers. The existing key to the “mature content” stream (age verification via TantumIdent) can be used as a means of payment for the donation or subscription using a QR code scan and 1-click.

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