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Frequently asked questions

Create your personal online ID in just 2 minutes. Thanks to modern technology, no annoying waiting times or conversations with unknown call center agents. 100% discreet and anonymous. GDPR-compliant processing of your personal data in accordance with applicable EU law. And above all: no disclosure of your data to third parties.

Please use a valid ID card or passport for your identification. For legal reasons, we are not allowed to process other documents, such as temporary ID documents, driving licenses or residence permits.

Note: Please make sure that you scan both the front and back of your ID document in the case of an ID card.

Please make sure that you complete the identification process with a valid ID document whose expiration date has not yet passed.
Please also note that you can only successfully complete the process with your valid ID card or passport. For legal reasons, we are not allowed to process other documents, such as temporary ID documents, driving licenses or residence permits.

During facial recognition as part of your identification, a short video of your face is recorded. This is used, among other things, to compare your ID picture with your face using biometric features (eye distance, nose, etc.).

Please note our tips for a smooth process:

• People who wear glasses: Under certain circumstances, glasses can prevent or falsify the matching of biometric data. Therefore, please remove your glasses for facial recognition.
• Light: Before starting the identification process, please make sure that your face is illuminated as evenly as possible. We recommend a place with sufficient daylight for the photo (e.g. in front of a window).
• Shooting angle: Please hold your mobile device at eye level when taking the photo so that the angle corresponds to that of your ID photo.

If you are unable to successfully complete facial recognition despite following our tips, we recommend that you cancel the identification process and restart it.

Successful identification requires the use of a smartphone. We recommend using the latest version of our iOS/Android app.

Start the age verification process via the website of the respective provider. You then have the choice between using our app and a browser-based version of age verification.

App: Scan the displayed QR code with your smartphone camera app to download our mobile app or (in the case of an already installed app) to open it directly. Then register or log in by entering and verifying your mobile number. Once you have successfully completed your identification , you will be automatically redirected to confirm the age verification you initiated previously .

Web: Choose between registration (new customer) and login (existing Tantum user account) and then enter your mobile phone number to register or log in to your existing Tantum account. Following the 2-factor authentication (by entering the six-digit security PIN, which you will receive by SMS), you will be automatically redirected to the one-time identification or directly to the confirmation of the age confirmation you previously initiated.

Note: Please note that successful confirmation of your age of majority is only possible after you have already registered and completed identification.

Start the age verification process via the website of the respective provider. The QR code required for your verification will be displayed after you have selected the app option. Then scan the QR code with the QR code scanner in our app or your camera app to successfully complete the process.

If you access the provider page via your smartphone/tablet, you do not need to scan a QR code and can start the verification process with just one click and then confirm it.

Please make sure that you have downloaded and installed the correct Tantum app from the provider website. To do this, simply scan the displayed QR code with your smartphone camera (PC/laptop) or click on “Download Tantumpay App” (smartphone) and install the respective app.

For security reasons, each QR code generated to anonymously confirm your age of majority to third parties is only valid for a few minutes. To generate a new QR code, simply refresh the respective browser tab or start the process again via the respective provider page.

iOS/Apple: Please check your mobile device settings to see whether the Safari browser allows or blocks camera access. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open your mobile device settings (gear icon)
  2. Select the “Safari” entry from the list
  3. Open the camera settings (“Camera”) under “Website Settings”
  4. Check the “Allow” or “Ask” box


Please start the identification process again.

Android: Please check your mobile device settings to see whether camera access via the TantumPay app is allowed or blocked. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open your mobile device settings (gear icon)
  2. Select the “Apps” entry (different if necessary) from the list
  3. Choose the TantumPay app
  4. Open “Permissions”
  5. Select “Camera.”
  6. Set the selection to “Allow access while using the app”

Please start the identification process again.

Are you unable to successfully complete the identification process due to problems with your smartphone camera or similar technical issues? Please contact our free support team ( directly with the following information so that we can analyze the problem and help you:

Mobile phone number (used for your Tantum registration)
Smartphone (manufacturer / name model)
Operating system (name / version)

As a rule, the automatic verification and processing of your data as part of the identification process only takes a few seconds. If a manual check is required (especially outside normal business hours), there may be deviations. We apologize for this.

Data protection

Your personal data is recorded digitally - just like at your bank or insurance company - and protected using the latest security standards. Your data is stored at certified server locations in Germany. Of course, you can have your data deleted at any time. This gives you full control over the use of your data at all times.

With TantumIdent, you can confirm your identity or age to third parties (e.g. website providers). To do this, you identify yourself once using a valid ID document via our iOS/Android app. You then simply verify your identity or age within a few moments by scanning a QR code with your smartphone. No personal data is transmitted to the provider during this process.
The provider only receives confirmation of the requested feature - so you remain completely anonymous.

We use your mobile phone number as part of our security protocols for user identification and authentication. As part of each payment or identification process, the respective user authorizes the process via our app. This app, which is protected by a personal PIN and the use of biometric data (optional), must be installed on the user's personal cell phone.
Our system ensures that only you, as an already identified and age-verified person, are granted access to offers with so-called closed user groups. By using two elements, your cell phone (possession) and your Tantum PIN (knowledge), strong customer authentication can be guaranteed. Linking your digital identity to your cell phone allows you to access a wide range of offers with just one click.

Your personal data is processed and stored on our site in accordance with current regulatory requirements and the highest security standards. You can request the deactivation of your Tantum account and the associated data in writing at any time.

To deactivate your user account and have your personal data deleted, simply send an email to, in which you must provide us with the following information in addition to your request for the complete deletion of your data:
• First name
• Last name
• Date of birth
• Mobile phone number (verified for the use of TantumPay)
• Last four digits of your ID card (used for identification)
After receiving and processing your e-mail, we will inform you in writing about the successful account deactivation and data deletion.

Still questions? We're happy to help you!