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Age and identity verification – we have the optimal solution.

Our digital ID card revolutionizes the way your customers can identify themselves. Tailored to your needs, with a focus on usability.

Quickly and versatilely adaptable to your needs.

Identification verification in just a few minutes.

Do you need a quick and easy identity verification solution that is available anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing security and usability?

The combination of modern AI and machine learning technology, trained by millions of data points, with a network of identity and fraud specialists, brings about the best of both worlds.

  • user friendliness

  • Increased conversion rates

  • Fraud detection using video selfie

  • Global support for documents and languages

Strong customer authentication

Our overall solution was assessed as positive by the Commission for Youth Media Protection (KJM). The overall solution ensures difficult sharing with third parties, ensuring that each account is located on the user's personal smartphone. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access. 

Available 24/7: 24/7

Your users can verify themselves at any time,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Without any waiting times.

1-Click Verification

Our digital ID allows your customers to verify themselves and take advantage of your offers within a few seconds.

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Verification of documents

  • Wide range of ID documents, residence permits and driving licenses

  • Extracting information from MRZ as well as the VIZ
  • Examining and comparing various visual features on the document to determine authenticity

Liveness and face verification

  • Preventing fraud through liveness detection
  • Ensuring that the corresponding ID document belongs to the person using the latest machine learning approaches

  • More accurate and lower error rates than conventional identification using the latest algorithms

TantumIdent Plus – everything you need

Whether you need fraud detection, AML/KYC compliance, or automated PEP verification and processing, you can tailor the entire verification process to your needs.

As a prospective e-money institution, we work with automated AML and PEP procedures, completely AML compliant.

  • Automated data extraction from ID documents (MRZ/VIZ)

  • Authentication of documents
  • Biometric facial recognition
  • Liveness tests
  • PEPs, sanctions lists checking and processing

  • GWG / AML compliant
  • PSD2 compliant
  • KJM compliant

Industry sectors



Verify the age of your viewers via TantumIdent in full compliance with child protection requirements.



Scalable and flexible KYC solution for verifying your customers.



Age confirmations and payments for events such as concerts, cinema, shows and much more.



Age verification of your customers. Tailored to the special requirements of the adult entertainment sector.



Secure onboarding via identification verification with TantumIdent.



Age confirmation to access and purchase video games via TantumIdent!

Financial industry

Financial industry

Secure onboarding via identification verification with TantumIdent!



Are you a retailer and need to verify the age of your customers? TantumIdent is the solution.

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Why TantumIdent?

  • Designed for an optimal user experience
  • Identification in record time
  • Global support for documents and languages
  • Fraud detection using video selfies
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Data security in line with the requirements of the European Banking Authority

The solution is designed to address the need for a user-friendly solution with data protection as a top priority. It allows customers to verify their identity without having to reveal personal information - Allows access to a new group of customers.

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