Making the digital world a safe place

About Us

Tantum is an emerging, cutting-edge technology company that offers both startups and companies contemporary solutions for smooth business operations. Completely focused on the needs of the customer, we strive for a simple, safe and entertaining customer experience.

We are a young, dynamic start-up team and work on it every day TantumIdent to revolutionize the online identification and payment industry.

Our company headquarters is in the quiet Principality of Liechtenstein. Our team consists of professionals from various areas of eCommerce. We are convinced that with our solution we can simplify identification and payments for users and online platforms.

We at Tantum describe ourselves as:
Quiet, Cool, Simple, Reliable, Safe & Trustworthy.

Our Mission

We provide a digital identity that enables anonymous identification and payments by creating an environment in which users and merchants can interact in a trusted manner so that everyone has control over their personal information.

Our goal is to make the digital world a safe place - for users and retailers.

Our vision

We believe that everyone has the right to anonymous digital identification and age verification when shopping online. We have an obligation to secure users' personal data, to offer retailers a cost-effective and scalable solution and, last but not least, to ensure youth media protection in the digital world.

We are only at the beginning. Our vision is part of our responsibility: to make the digital world a safe place.

Our Values


We believe that mutual trust is essential to our service and the growth of our ministry. Trust ensures a smooth and seamless experience, for our employees and our customers.


We guarantee maximum security when it comes to our users' data processed through verification or payments.


We believe that together we are stronger and more innovative. Teamwork makes the dream work, helps to solve problems and constantly improve our company.


Our employees rely on each other, just like our customers can rely on us. We guarantee reliable access to all of our services at all times.

Now available!
Simply. Transparent. Secure.

We offer our customers the opportunity to access online platforms with easy payment and secure, one-time identification while protecting their identity. No data transfer to third parties. No hidden costs. No problems.